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Our Story

Russ Physical Therapy - privately owned and operated by Physical Therapists

Russ PT began in January 2006, when co-owners Joe Russ, PTA and Rhonda Russ, PT opened up a small clinic having one simple goal: to get people well.

Despite the growth over the years, Russ PT's commitment to helping people remains the same. Our friendly staff follows the same vision of providing progressive, quality care in an environment where relationships are key.

We have always led an active lifestyle and continue to do so. To us, a sedentary life seems that a person only exists, whereas in an active life they actually live. Our aim is to help anyone we can to reach their upmost physical potential.

At Russ PT, the goal is to get you back to what you enjoy doing without limitations. Our goal is to help you move beyond your current injury to a higher level of sports performance and quality of living. We don't want you to come to us just because we are convenient, but because you will get positive results.

What makes us different from the competition? Physical therapy care is initiated within 24-48 hours of when you first call us. In fact, often appointments can be scheduled on the same day. You will receive one-on-one care and since we are a husband/wife team, our approach and methods of treatment compliment each other. We communicate as a team with you and your physician throughout the course of treatment. Our focus is to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

We accept Medicare, Workers' Comp., BCBS & other insurance carriers & MVA

In most cases, health insurance will cover the treatment. However, you may be responsible for a co-pay or deductible. You will be made aware of your financial obligation at or before your first visit. We also offer payment plan options so that you don't have to delay or forfeit the care you need to get you back in the game of life.

Get the PT care you need – no prescription required

Because education is key to successful physical therapy treatment, we will teach you the cause of your condition and how to prevent it from happening again. If you are interested in receiving physical therapy services and don't have insurance, you don't even need to see a physician first in order to receive physical therapy services thanks to a law known as Direct Access (DA). However, most insurance companies require a physician referral for care to be covered. Call us today to find out how you can get started. The sooner an injury is treated, the quicker the recovery.