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"I was treated by the owners. I was very satisfied with the service I received."
Mar 01, 2019
Jan 17, 2019
"The staff at Russ is great. I don't think I would have been able to recover properly and quickly without the professional help of everyone."
Jan 17, 2019
"This place is blessed with professionals who truly care and want to get you back to normal. They listen and create a routine that fits your diagnosis."
Jan 17, 2019
"I am very thankful for Russ Physical therapy helping my son!"
Dec 21, 2018
"Great place to go, the staff is amazing!"
Dec 12, 2018
"I was in constant pain when I started therapy. After the guidance at Ross Therapy, I am now able to manage my day to day activities with less pain and also be more active. Thank you!"
Nov 21, 2018
"Most kind, respectful and professional staff I have ever met and been around. The time and attention given to me is priceless. The therapists really care and want you to feel 100%!"
Nov 21, 2018
"I recommend Russ Therapy because of the results I had with them. I had severe muscle pain in my lower back and had taken pills and shots and nothing had worked. The session helped to eliminate the pain."
Nov 06, 2018
"Russ Physical Therapy was the best therapy and healing center I have ever experienced. Great staff and support team. They make you feel like family."
Oct 20, 2018
"Very helpful and eager to help you improve. Pushing you where needed, but watchful to make certain you are safe."
Oct 02, 2018
"6 months ago I wouldn't have believed my shoulder would be pain free without surgery. But here I am pain free without surgery. Professional staff, great and caring folks. Highly recommend. "
Aug 06, 2018
"You are all the greatest people to be around."
Jul 18, 2018
"It was a great experience. They were all very welcoming and worked with me injury after injury."
Jul 18, 2018
"Like the one on one therapy. Have used Ross therapy several times. Like family!"
Jun 26, 2018
"I had never done Physical Therapy before so I wasn't not sure what to expect. I found the entire team at Russ Physical Therapy to be knowledgeable, courteous, motivational, and incredibly enjoyable to work with. They care!"
Jun 15, 2018
"I was unsure wether I could preform exercises and activities after 3 surgeries. The therapist helped me develop my core strength. They developed upon my stretching abilities and improved my flexibility and stamina. The physical therapy has been an excellent way to give me positive motivation to continue using their exercise methods to improve my overall health."
Jun 04, 2018
"I've been coming on and off since 2013. Everybody is great and Russ Physical Therapy is is my first choice!"
Jun 04, 2018
"Everyone at russ physical tis awesome. They go above and beyond what they have to do. They work with you to get to your goals!!"
May 22, 2018
""excellent" Can't say enough good. Will miss my Tuesday through Thursday visits."
May 14, 2018
"Best PT business in N.W. AR.. Maybe in the state. All the therapist are so intent on patient's progress it made me feel I was making progress even when pushing through the pain. The care and encouragement was a perfect plan for treatment. I also appreciate the warm Christian atmosphere. I came with many issues, but they were resolved fast. All were addressed one by one with such care. Thomas, Dan, Emma, Lisa, Abby, Amber, and Jog all helped me overcome and control these painful episodes. "
May 14, 2018
"I would refer anyone with any pain to come here. I believe that this is the best physical therapist to come to."
May 09, 2018
"Through the time I've spent with the Russ team, they have been able to get me back to the active lifestyle I had before my knee injury. They listen, sincerely care for me, and are more than willing to modify your personal treatment to increase your progress. Everyone is friendly and encouraging. I would recommend them to anyone. "
May 09, 2018
"Russ PT has help me and my family, in so many ways. First, they help me with my shoulders after a car wreck. Next, they help my oldest daughter walk again after a broken leg and figured out she had RSD before the doctor did, and now 10 years later she is graduating with a degree in OT and dancing. They have helped get me through two strokes and a broken leg my self. They have helped my husband with his back and my youngest daughter with her back and hand over the last few years. I’m so grateful we met them over 10 years ago. We will never go to any other PT and trust me doctors have tried. I tell them Russ PT is the only place I will go!! We love them like family."
May 01, 2018


"Super team! The whole process from start to finish was full of helpful and encouraging people in a relaxed & friendly environment. After I was finished with PT I felt very capable and encouraged to continue my healing process on my own with the training and support I received."

Shannon Drain

"Before I couldn't touch my knees. No laundry, sitting hurt, standing hurt, everything hurt. I can do anything I need to now with no back pain!"

Amy McMurtrey

"We love Russ PT! All the therapists worked to have her ready for the fall softball season. The ankle injury she'd gotten in spring had not healed over the summer, but 4 weeks with Russ PT got her up & running with absolutely no pain! We loved the at-home exercises & natural approach used for her healing. In addition to all this they worked with us to find the best financial option. All these wonderful people in a Christian environment too!"

Amy Germann (Kylie's mom)

"After my car accident I could hardly walk - severe vertigo - unable to drive. Five months later after intensive therapy I'm in the best physcial condition I've been in since the military. Vertigo is gone - dizziness minimal. Russ PT has been such a blessing... you guys ROCK! :)"

Cheryl Hood

"I have Osteoarthritis. I came to Russ PT when I was experiencing pain and stiffness in my neck. I had difficulty turning my head and it affected my driving among other things. I needed to do something to get better. Russ PT has helped me immensely. Joe, Rhonda, Eric, Thomas, Vicki and Penny are great.

I'm comfortable at Russ PT. They help me learn to strengthen my weak areas and as I get stronger I have less stiffness and pain. My goal is to be active for as long as possible. With the help I receive from Russ PT I'm sure I'll achieve my goal.

Thanks guys."


"When I came in I had obvious weakness in the left side of my body. The staff not only helped me regain my strength but were very friendly and caring. I am very grateful."

Dillon (Multiple Sclerosis)

"When I first came here I was in a lot of pain. It was hard to breathe and I couldn't sit still for more than five minutes. I've been coming here for about two weeks and I‘ve been feeling so much better, no pain at all. I love it!"

Kaerina (Lower Back Pain)

"Thanks for the care that was received after my left foot surgery. Very professional and friendly with complete knowledge. After 10 visits I am ready to go back to work and resume my life once again. Thanks everyone."

Chris (Foot Surgery)

"I am pretty much pain free now and appreciate the good work by the staff here at Russ PT. I recommend them highly."

Gale (Lower Back Pain)

"My knees felt awful before I came in for PT. The folks at Russ got me back to being pain free and back to my mountain bike! Feeling GREAT!"

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